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Nehir Office Furniture San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. Office Furniture in 2010 to operate in the area has been established in Istanbul. More than 20 years of professional work experience gained in their lives and their performance in customer satisfaction in the office furniture sector, which are the largest of the founding capital.

DOXA Office Furniture Zealand preferred and other known brands mainly CASELLA, BUROART, etc. MASACH is shaped. A lot of products in order to meet all the expectations of its customers with alternative river we have offices. Both local and optimum quality in both domestic and overseas demand models, price, we can respond in accordance with the time criteria. We are in the process of passing from sales to installation taking our organization with experienced staff stated that the physical condition of our customers to offer the best service.

Office Furniture Brand Leader

Nehir Office Furniture, & the 4 years since the Istanbul office furniture rsquo; we produce. We host our structure our specialized staff in the furniture sector. Thanks to this professional staff offer reliable and quality services to our customers for years. Customer satisfaction is one of our most important principle for us. We are also doing our best to keep this satisfaction at the highest level and we update ourselves further every day. Our movement is evidence of the special attention we give details of mind to customers. Company employees when they want to appropriate a piece of furniture, we design furniture that they want them. It varies in materials used in the manufacture of office furniture technology progresses.

We have many products manufactured outside of office furniture. If you need some sort;

* Furniture Leaders
* Sofas and waiting groups
* Metal office desks and cupboards
* Steel file cabinets and coat hangers
* Ottomans, chairs, whiteboards It shaped. This sort our products are only a few of them from our product range. Different types of models in many different models out of them and that they are available. The variety of products to our customers is always welcome gone.